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Harold Gotschall



San Diego, CA

(858) 455 - 9500

Over thirty years of experience in advanced power systems development with emphasis on systems engineering assessments, structural engineering, plus technical and economic assessments of emerging technologies and systems. Current emphasis includes technical, economic and market assessments of advanced energy storage media (e.g., batteries, flywheels, ultracapacitors) and related power electronic systems; advanced power quality systems; distributed energy resource systems; plus associated communications and control systems. Specific responsibilities in the assessment of emerging energy and power technologies include:

  • Market research and development with emphasis on distributed energy resources

  • Technical/functional analyses for identification of high value market opportunities

  • Evaluation of alternative distributed resource technologies and leading commercial options and vendors

  • Competitive economic and value analyses from an end-user perspective (e.g,., lifecycle cost assessments) for use in business planning and development

  • Systems engineering analyses, including end-user requirements, functional analysis, and performance and reliability analyses

  • Management of codes and standards development and implementation plus regulatory review and certification support

  • Preparation of technical and marketing material for use in new product promotions

  • Computer systems and software development and applications



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